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One of the most difficult things to develop when you are alone is your speaking. Speaking is of course also one of the most useful skills, so in this activity you will find out how to practice your speaking by keeping a video diary using a free online service called Keek. Here's an example.

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To do this you will need either a computer with a webcam, or a smart phone (either an iPhone or an Android based phone)


To start recording your video diary go to create your username and password and click on 'Sign Up'.

Once you have signed up you can record your first entry. It's very easy to do this, you just click on the big green button at the top of the screen.

When you click on the button you will see a video window open. Just click on the camera icon and you can start to record your first diary entry.

When you have finished speaking, click on stop and then you can review your entry. Click 'Preview' to watch and listen to yourself and make sure you are happy with what you say. You can easily record your diary entry again if you think you can do better,  just click on 'Redo'.

When you are satisfied with your entry, click on 'Publish'. You can then add a short text / caption. You can also decide if you want to share your diary entry with friends on Facebook too. Next click on 'Publish'. Your video entry will become public.

When people see your video entry, they can leave comments using text, or video comments, or they can 'Follow' you if they think your entries will be interesting.

It can be difficult to think of things to talk about everyday, so here are some examples.

You could also talk about new words you have learned or share things about your country or culture.
It's easier to make your diary interesting if you have a smartphone as you can go to interesting places and talk about them. You can download the iPhone app free from iTunes at: or the Android app is available from:

I hope you enjoy creating diary entries using Keek and that you also find some other interesting people to follow. If you do, be sure to leave a few video comments on the ones you like.

A word on safety: Never share your address or any personal contact details with people you meet online. If you ever feel anyone is posting insulting or offensive comments or you see any videos that you find offensive be sure to click on the red flag below the video to notify the site owner.

If you want to connect with other English language learners or teachers who are using, then post your Keek profile name in the comments below and look to see if anyone else has posted there.

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