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Some people say that you can't really speak a language until you start to dream in that language. I'm not really sure that's true, but in this activity we can look at how you can start to write and understand your dreams in English.

This task is based around a website called DreamDoze, where people share their dreams and help each other understand them. The site enables you to write down your dreams, share them with other people and get their interpretation of your dream. You can also read about other people's dreams and help them to understand them.

NB: As with any social networking site. Never share personal information about your location etc.


Go to and click on 'Sign Up' to register. You can have a look at some of the dreams on the site first if you wish.

You then simply type in a title for your dream, choose a topic and describe your dream (in English of course).

When you have finished click on 'Share this Dream'. When someone interprets your dream, you will get an email message. Once you have signed in you can also write your interpretations of some of the dreams on the site. You can also find out more about dreams by checking the knowledge base:

If you are really interested in dreams and what they mean you can check the dream dictionary. Just type in something that was in a dream and it will tell you what it means. Dream Dictionary

You can also find lots of videos about the meaning of dreams on YouTube.

If you are interested in dreams and what they mean, reading and writing about them each day is a really quick and simple way to help improve your English.

I hope you enjoy this activity.

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Nik Peachey


Yes said...

Nik, you are wonderful all the time. I attended your three days workshop in Multan,Pakistan. Today again I found "Nik's Daily Englsh Activities" wonderful.

CidemTeacher said...

That is is much fun to interprete other people's dreams and share yours with someone you don't know. Thanks

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