1 Minute Listening Activity

This is a simple 1 minute listening activity that you can do everyday to improve your listening skills. The activity is based around understanding a short BBC news broadcast.

  • Got to: http://news.bbc.co.uk/
  • At the top of the page you'll see a small text which says Watch ONE-MINUTE WORLD NEWS
  • Click on it and chose the type of media player for your computer
  • Watch the news broadcast and try to decide how many seperate stories are being reported
  • Watch a second time a make notes of as many facts as you can about each story.

If there's a story that interests you find that story on the site and try to find out more details.

I hope you enjoy this activity. Come back tomorrow for more EFL ESL activities to improve your English.


Nik Peachey

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handstand said...

Nice link to the BBC. I'll definitely pass this on to my students in the hope that they will stay on the site and read/listen to more. Thanks!

Irene Cros said...

Thank you! It's amazing how we forget about good, solid basics like the BBC News. I do an 'It's all in the News' workshop with engineering students, so this will be a great activity for my first lessons where we work on being autonomous learners.

The Educational Clip Library will go on the list too :)

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