Learn a Song in English

Learning a song in English can really help with your pronunciation and listening skills.

Karaoke Party has lots of songs with the lyrics and videos of the original singer.

  • Go to the website: http://www.karaokeparty.com/en
    (You don't have to register or have a microphone, but if you do it will be more fun)
  • Find a song which you like.
  • Click on the Preview button to listen to the song, or watch the video

  • Look at the lyrics (words of the song) at the bottom of Each page.
  • Try to sing along.
  • If you register and log in, you can get a score for your singing, but you'll need a micrphone.

I hope you enjoyed this activity. If you did then try to learn a few more songs.

More EFL activities tomorrow.


Nik Peachey

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Susana Canelo said...

Dear Nick:
I wanted to sing but when I tried karaokeparty.com, I got this:
Sorry, we have no karaoke servers in your country yet.

Tell me when it is for everybody.
A hug from Argentina (lost in South America)


Nik Peachey said...

Hi Susan

I got the same message here in Marocco, but it doesn't stop you from singing, you can still watch the videos and get the lyrics and backing music to sing along with, it just means that you won't be able to record yourself and get a score.

There are two other good karaoke sites to help you: http://www.redkaraoke.com/ and http://beta.luckyvoice.com/ (lucky voice is still in beta) , but you can't get a score for your singing on either of these.

Hope you still manage to have a sing.



Teadira PĂ©rez said...

Hi Susan and Nik:

I got the same message in Venezuela. I will try the two other karaoke sites .


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip! I've been using http://www.karaokeplay.com for a while now, but I'll definitely check this one out as well.

garyrobert said...

Works here in Spain... and certainly fun!
Cheers many great ideas and sites to discover.

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