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Playing simulation games is a great way of getting involved in a community, and really using and developing your English. Cyber Nations is a role playing simulation which you use to create and manage your own nation. You then have to develop your nation and form military and trade alliances with other nations to ensure your nation survives. Playing this game will help you to develop your vocabulary, reading and writing skills and you'll have the opportunity to communicate with other people who are playing the game.


Go to: and register to play the game.

  • Once you have registered and activated your account from the email they send you, you can start to create your imaginary nation and add information about it.
  • Decide on the type of government, the religion even the geographical location of the country.
  • Decide how much tax you want to charge the citizens and how you will spend the tax money.
  • Decide on the policies of your government and the degree of tolerance it has with its people.
The best part is that you play the game either in competition or collaboration with other players. You'll need to check your inbox regularly and keep up with the messages, but this is a great way to get regular daily practice using your English skills.
I hope you enjoy playing this game and that your nation lives in peace. Come back for more EFL ESL activities tomorrow.

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