Develop Your Vocabulary

English has one of the largest vocabularies of any language in the world, so if you want to be able to express yourself and understand the language then developing your vocabulary is essential.

Don't worry though, developing your vocabulary can be a lot of fun with 'Get the Pic?'. This site is a vocabulary quiz game with pictures to help you guess words.

You just need to suggest the first 3 letters and then you will see some pictures to help you guess the rest of the word.

  • Go to: and click on 'Sure' to see the rules of the game.
  • Read the simple rules and then click on 'Sure' to get started.
  • You will then see the letters of the alphabet. Choose any 3 and then the game will start.
  • You will see some pictures and the letters of the word with spaces. You just need to click on what you think are the missing letters.

  • To make the game more fun, you start with $100 and if you are sure you know the word or the letters you can gamble some of that to increase it.
  • Each game is times and the quicker you get the word right, the more dollars you win.
  • You can also buy a clue if you don't know what the word is.
  • If you get the word wrong or don't know it you can click to get a link to Wikipedia where you will find and explanation of the word.

Good luck. Hope you enjoy the game. Come back tomorrow for more EFL ESL activities.

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Nik Peachey


Prof. Nelba Quintana- La Plata- Argentina said...

Hi, Nik. I tried Get the Picture and it is cool but there is always a but... there is no direct feedback to the final question "what does....mean?"
so I guess this tool it to be done in class with a teacher's guidance.

Nik Peachey said...

Hi Nelba,

There is an answer to the what does it mean question. You just click on the question and it sends you to Wikipedia where you get definition / explanation.

Hope you enjoy it. Made a million yet? Well we can dream, can't we?



Anonymous said...

Hi Nick.
Thanks for the comprehensive cover :)

Nik Peachey said...

Hi Eyal

Thank you for the activity. It's a really nicely designed tool.



Anonymous said...

I would like the same in french.
Your blog is very interessant. Thank you.

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