How to be Happy in English

In today's activity we are going to have a look at things that make us happy (in English). This activity uses the Things to be Happy About website. This is a good site so check out some of the other features.
For this task you will use part of the site to think about things that make you happy and how to describe them in English.

  • Once you have registered (it takes about 2 minutes) click on create a new list.
  • You should then be able to give your list a title, call it 'My English Happy List' and start writing in the things that make you happy.

  • Try to add at least 10 things to your list. If you aren't sure how to express your ideas, click on 'Take a Peak' and then enter a key word like 'love' and you'll see what other people have written about that word.
  • When you have finished you can either email your list to a friend or copy the URL of the list and post it in the comments on this page.
  • You could also write a new list called '10 Things About Learning English that Make me Happy' and post it here or send it to your teacher.

Hope you enjoy this small task. If you want new reasons every day to be happy, you could check this small calender each day and see some new reasons: Cloud Calendar

Come back for another EFL ESL activity tomorrow.

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