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One of the reasons that learning English is so important, is that it can help you to do and to learn other things. Using English to learn how to do things can also help to improve your English too.
logoToday's task is based around a site called Monkey See that has a huge collection of videos of people showing and telling you how to do things. So in today's task I'd like you to use your English listening skills to learn how to do something.

  • Go to: http://www.monkeysee.com/ Look at the different categories and find something useful that you would like to be able to do. Below are a few suggestions that you might find useful.

 select a categoryCareer skills:
If you would like to learn something less serious you could try some of these:
  • Once you have decided what to learn watch the videos. It's a good idea to pause the videos while they load, that way they won't keep stopping.
  • pause the videoOnce you have watched some of the videos and learned how to do something. You could make some notes and next time you go to your English class you could try to use English to teach someone what you have learned.
  • You could also try to create your own videos in English to teach people how to do something. You could then upload it to the Monkey See site.
Hope you enjoy this activity and please leave a comment telling us what you learned. Come back for another EFL ESL activity tomorrow.

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