Country Names in English

Knowing where countries and cities are on the world map can be really useful. Knowing the names and places in English too can be really useful. Today you are going to test your knowledge of geography in English and also help to provide water for living in poverty.

You are going to do this by using a quiz. You will see the name of a place and you will have to click the world map where you think the place is.

If you get the answer exactly right then 10 cups of water are donated to people living in poverty.

The further away from the correct location you click, the less water is donated. If you are too far away, you get the answer wrong and loose a 'life'.

Five wrong answers and the game ends.

  • Try to score at least 250 cups.
  • If you need help with some of the places and want to check where they are, then you can go to and type in the names of the places to find them.
Good luck and I hope you enjoy this activity.

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