Listen to a Movie Script

Watching Movies is a great way of developing your English, but sometimes what you are seeing can distract you from what you are hearing. So in this activity you can just listen to a movie and follow the script.

This activity uses two websites. The first is Listen to a Movie which has the audio tracks from around 1500 movies. You can search through and listen to as many as you like for free.
The second site we need is called Drew's Script-O-Rama. This site has a huge collection of film and TV scripts, again they are all free.
I've chosen a movie and script for you to listen to, but if you prefer to listen to a different one then just find the film you want and then search on Drew's Script-O-Rama for the script.

The movie I've chosen is called About a Boy and it stars Hugh Grant. Here is a clip to show you what the film is like before you listen. (You should be 14 or over to watch this film)

  • Go to the About a Boy script. If you want, you can print it up, or you could copy it into a word processing document so that you can add and make notes to it.
  • Now go to the audio page for the film on Listen to Movies. You can find it by clicking this link: About a Boy audio. Once the page opens, click on the small blue arrow where it says 'LAUNCH AUDIO PLAYER'.
  • The audio player will pop up and you can then control it a little like a CD player.

  • Listen to the movie and follow along on the script. If you have the script on a word processor, you can make notes and check new word etc.
Well I hope you enjoy listening to this film and that using the script helps you to develop your vocabulary and listening skills.

Come back soon for another EFL ESL activity.

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Nik Peachey


Mara Uvadio said...

Hi, it could be a very interesting activity. I can't understand what's the way to find a new title on the site. What's the wright link?
Thank you and good work

Nik Peachey said...

Hi Mara

Try the search page.

There's also and alphabetical index of films at:



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