Improve your English Typing and Punctuation

Having a good standard of English can really help you to get a good job - having a good standard of written English with good spelling, punctuation and fast typing can help you even more. Today's activity use a website called TypeRacer which turns improving your typing, spelling and punctuation into an enjoyable game.

You can play TypeRacer against the clock or you can challenge an opponent or friend. The website gives you a short text that you have to copy accurately (If you make mistakes you won't be able to proceed until you correct them.) and quickly.

When you finish the text you will be told your WPM speed (The number of Words you type Per Minute).

  • Go to: You can either register (This will allow the site to remember your score if you want to use the site again and invite friends to challenge you) or you can play as a guest (No username or password is necessary)

  • Click to play as a guest and then click on 'Practice'.
  • Once you do this you will see a text and a field that you need to type the text into. You will have 12 seconds before you need to start typing. Use this time to look closely at the first few words.
  • Once you start , you must type accurately and as fast as you can.

  • You must pay very close attention to punctuation and spelling. If you make mistakes, you will have to correct them before you can continue.
  • Try to play at least 3 times and improve your typing speed. If the first text is too difficult or you type very slowly, you will have the chance to make the text shorter and simpler.

I hope you enjoy improving your spelling, punctuation and typing speed.

Come back tomorrow for more EFL ESL activities.

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