Find Words that Express Your Thoughts

There are times when you know what you want to say, but you just don't know the right word in English. This can be very frustrating, but it is good to practice explaining the words you want so that you can get the word you want.
Today's activity will look at a website called OneLook Reverse Dictionary which can help you with this. You can also practice using the site by doing an online crossword puzzle.

  • To try out the OneLook Reverse Dictionary got to:
  • Type in the definition for a word (e.g. 'a bird tat can swim') and see if what the dictionary offers you. You will get a list of related words and the most likely matches will come first (my example got 'duck' at 3).

  • Click on the words and you will find definitions and examples of pronunciation.

  • Find a word that matches the number of letters for the clue and then type it in.

  • Soon you will be solving crossword puzzles, developing your vocabulary and developing your ability to explain words in English rather than relying on translation.
I hope you enjoy this activity. Here you can find more vocabulary building activities.

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