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Reading can be a great way to improve your grammar and vocabulary, as well as learn a lot of valuable information. Reading can also improve your listening too though if you can hear the text as you read it.

Read the Words is a free website that can help you to do this. You simply create an account, find a text that you want to read and cut and paste it into the the Read the words website.
The site can also provide you with a range of avatars and voices with different accents. You can then download the audio file and listen and read the text. I've created a text using the text you have just read, so you can hear what it sounds like.

Or if you want to watch the text being being read by Charles click here

  • Go to and create a free account.
  • Then find a text on a web site or in a document that you would like to read and hear.
  • Copy and paste the text into the Read the words website (see below) and choose a voice and accent that you want.

  • Click on read. It could take a few minutes before your text is ready. Once the text is reay you can either watch the avatar reading it as you read along or you can download and Mp3 recording of the text.

You could select a text from a news site like the BBC or try something less serious, or even write your own text for the avatar to read.

I hope you enjoy this activity. Come back tomorrow for more EFL ESL activities to improve your English.

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