Create an English Cartoon

Cartoons can be great fun to read, but creating your own can be even more fun and can help you develop your ability to understand dialogue.

DFilm is a great site that can help you to create cartoon scenes and send them to people as links in emails.
Here's a quick example film of two old friends meeting in the street and arranging an appointment.

The movie creator helps you to choose characters, add background music and insert the dialogue.

  • I want you to make a movie with at least two scenes.
  • I also want you to include these two characters.
Before you start the movie think about what the two characters might say to each other
  • When you have finished your movie, email it to yourself. The email will contain a link to your movie.
If you would like to share your movies with other students, then post a comment to the site and copy the link to your movie into the message. I'll post the ten best movies in a couple of weeks time.

Hope you enjoyed this activity. Find another EFL ESL activity here tomorrow.

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