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Listening to an audio text and writing down what you hear can be really useful for developing your listening skills. You can do this very easily using the Listen and Write website.

It's simple. You just go to the site listen to the text, then try to write what you hear.

  • For this task I've selected a suitable text for you. The text is called 'Your Reaction to the Idea of Paying Students'
  • Before you listen to the text , make some notes in English about what possible reactions people could have to this idea.
  • What are your own reactions? Do you think students should be paid to learn? Write down your reaction in English.
  • Now listen to the text by clicking the title below. Once you have listened to the complete text, listen again one sentence at a time and try to write what you hear.
  • Your Reaction to the Idea of Paying Students
  • The text is at level 11, if you find it to difficult or too easy go to this page and select another activity at a different level:

There are many other texts for you to listen to, so why not try a few more. If you register on the site you can collect your scores.

I hope you have enjoyed this listening activity. Come back tomorrow for something different.


Nik Peachey

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Berta said...

Thanks for sharing, Nik. I am sure my students and I will be visiting your site quite often.

Berta in Caracas

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