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Learning and remembering new words is a constant challenge when you are learning a language, so today we are going to look at a site called Wordie which can help.

Wordie enables you to create word lists, but it also does much more. You can search for definitions of the word and also get images and more information about the word.

  • Go to: and register on the site (You don't have to do this but it will be more useful if you do).
  • After you have registered log in. Then click on 'your words'. You will then be able to create a word list.
  • You click on 'Create a new list'
  • Give your list a name. You could call it my 'Daily English Vocabulary' or 'Words I want to learn'. You can decide if you want other people to see the word list and also add a description of the list. When you are ready, click the 'Next step' button at the bottom.

  • Now start adding new words to the list. Type in each word and then click on 'Add'. As you add the words they will appear in your list. You can then simply click on the words to get definitions, images or make notes about the word to help you remember it.

  • Try to list a few more word each day. Also be sure to keep looking at the ones you already have and testing to see if you can remember them.
If you would prefer to use the site as a dictionary, you can also use the 'Word search' at the top of the screen and then click to get images to help you remember the words.
I hope you enjoy this site and it helps you to learn and remember many new words. If you want to learn new words you can click on the random words link here: Random words, but these are sometimes difficult.

Come back tomorrow for more EFL ESL activities.

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Nik Peachey


John McGrath said...

Hi Nik, this is John from Wordie. Thank you so much for such a well-written introduction to the site. I hope you don't mind, but I linked to it from Wordie's help section :-)

Nik Peachey said...

Hi John,

It's a pleasure. Thanks for a great learning tool. I'll be writing more about it soon on my other blogs.



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