Send an English Singing Telegram

This activity is something for you to have some fun with. It is also good for helping you to improve your spelling punctuation and your ability to write short concise text.

The activity uses a site called KakoMessenger which enables you to create singing telegram messages that looks like the one below. Click the image to hear the message.

  • Go to: There you will see a choice of two different singers. Select the one that you would like to sing your text for you.
  • Then type your text. Make sure that you are careful with spelling and punctuation (Your singer can only sing words in English if they are spelled correctly)
Here are some possible things to write about:
  • Write some tips for learning English
  • Send a message to an English speaking friend
  • Send a message to your English teacher
  • Create a message about this site and then post it to the comments
  • Once you have written your message, click on 'PLAY' and wait a couple of minutes. Your telegram should then start to play.
  • If you like the message you can then send it to someone by email, or you can click on 'MODIFY' to change it or correct the spelling or punctuation.
I hope you enjoy this activity and send lots of singing telegrams to your English speaking friends.

Have a good weekend and come back on Monday for more free English language learning activities.

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