Two Minute Soap Opera

A great way to develop your English is by watching TV and especially 'soap opera' as these kinds of programs often have the most 'everyday English' in them. So today's activity is simply to start watching a short soap opera.

loney girl logoThe soap opera that I have chosen for you is called Lonely Girl 15. This was one of the first internet / YouTube based soap operas and is based around very short, usually about two minute, episodes. This makes it ideal for language learning as you don't have to watch very much each time.


  • Watch the first episode of Lonely Girl 15. See below.

  • Once you have watched it find out more about the main character Bree by looking at the Lonely Girl blog: Bree Avery
There are now 3 seasons of Lonely Gorl 15. Try to watch another one each day. You can start from the first season here at Lonely Girl 15.

I hope you enjoy these short episodes. Come back tomorrow for more EFL ESL activities.

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