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Being able to speak English well can really help with your career, but having a certificate that tells employers what your level in English is can be even more useful.
Getting a certificate often means that you need to take and pass an exam, so todays activity is based around Exam tips for the IELTS exam.


Watch these three videos created by the British Council in China. The speaker in each video gives you some tips on how to pass the exam. Once you have watched the videos, decide which is the best advice for you. If you have any exam tips please share them by posting a comment below.

Exam tip 1

Exam tip 2

Exam tip 3

I hope you enjoyed these tips and learned a little from them. You can find more IELTS study tips and materials on the British Council's English Online website. To find out more about the IELTS exam go to:
Come back soon for more EFL ESL activities.

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