How To Tell If Someone Likes You

Part of understanding communication depends on being able to understand people's body language. When we learn a new language we can often focus too closely on the words they are saying and forget to understand what their body movements and gestures tell us.
Today's task is based around short video clip that is aimed at helping people to read body language

The video comes from the Howcast website which has lots of short instructional videos which can help you learn how to do things and help you to improve your English at the same time.

Watch the video below. It mentions a number of physical gestures that indicate that someone likes you. Count how many.

Now watch the video again and try to note down all the gestures. The video has text to hep you understand them, so make a note of any new vocabulary you learn.

You could use the activity Remember More Vocabulary to create a vocabulary record of body language.

I hope you enjoy this task and come back tomorrow for more EFL ESL activities.

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