Keeping a Learning Diary

One of the great challenges of learning a language is remembering all the new things you learn. One method that can help you remember new things is to keep a learning diary or journal of some kind, so in today's task you are going to create your own learning diary online using a tool called Penzu.
It's very quick and simple to use and it's also free. You can also share your learning diary with your tutor or other people so that they can see how hard you are working.
You can just add a title, an image and start to enter your text.


Go to the Penzu website at and click on either 'Sign up' or 'Try it out'.

Once you have done that you should see what looks like a simple lined pad of paper. here you can type in a title ( My learning diary day 1) and start to write about what you have learned today.
Here are some things you could include each time you write in the diary.
  • New words you learned
  • Notes about any texts you read or listened too
  • Any new grammar points you studied
  • The scores for any tests you did
  • Questions about things you didn't understand
  • You can also add an image of yourself showing how you felt about learning that day, just record a quick image using your webcam if you have one, then upload it.
  • Add a note on how motivated or successful you think your learning was that day
Be sure to save your entry (you will have to sign up and register to do this). If you have a teacher you can offer to share your learning diary with them and then they will be able to see how you are doing and answer any of the questions you put in your diary.

As you add more and more entries each day, you will be able to look back and review what you have learned and remind yourself of anything your learned but forgot.

I hope you enjoy keeping your learning diary and don't forget to add a note to it if you do any of the activities from this site.

Come back tomorrow for more EFL ESL activities.

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sandrina vlahou said...

Thanks for the link on the electronic diary I will be putting that one into practice from next academic year. Or do you think I can do it now. I feel as it is too late now. Exam period is looming and over here in Greece "EXAMS" is a buzz word....

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