Speed Up Your Memory

Good reading depends on your brain's ability to quickly and accurately recognise words. Today's activity tests your ability to recognise words by flashing quick phrases at you and then asking you to accurately reconstruct them.

The task uses a website called 'Games for the brain' which has a collection of mental challenges to help develop and test your IQ.


Go to: http://www.gamesforthebrain.com/game/speedread/

You will see a short phrase appear for a few seconds. Try to memorise the words you see.

The words will then disappear and you will have to type them into the answer field.

You get 10 points for a correct answer. You then have a tip on how to improve your memory and IQ. When you have read the tip click on continue and you'll see another phrase.
Keep playing the game until you score 100 points. I hope you enjoy this activity and be sure to come back tomorrow for more, or check the full list of EFL ESL activities here:

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