A Job Interview in English

Interviewing for a job can be very stressful in any language, but if you have to do it in English then it's a good idea to make sure you do some extra preparation.

Today's activity looks at the kinds of questions you may get asked at an interview, how to answer them and some tips for possible questions you could ask.

The activity is based around the E-Microsoft Interview website. The website isn't produced by Microsoft, but it is a site designed to help people who want to work for them. I've also used some videos from YouTube. YouTube can be a great place to research possible interview questions and answers.

  • Start by imagining the kinds of questions you might get asked at job interview. Make a quick list of them.
  • Then go to: HR Questions
  • Here you will see a list of popular interview questions. Compare them with your own list.
  • Now think about how you would answer the questions. Here's a sample answer to a very popular question "Why should we hire you?"

  • Now go back to the HR Questions and look at the advice on giving answers. You can do this by clicking 'Read more..'
  • After you have read the advice, think again about how you would answer the questions. If you have a video camera or a web cam on your computer, you could record yourself answering the questions, then look at the video and decide what improvements you could make.

Here are some interview tips that you might want to think about too. Lastly, to give you some inspiration, here's a video telling you about what it is like to work at Google. Would you like to work there?

Good luck with the interview and I hope you come back for more EFL ESL activities tomorrow.
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Thanks, this stuff wil come in useful for my class.

Anonymous said...

hi nik! thanks for the article, and your tips, it was a great read! anyway if you have a moment please also check this list i compiled of the 50 most commonly asked interview questions, why they are asked, any hidden motives and exactly how to answer the questions!
50 most common interview questions and answers

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I read this post two times.

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