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One of the great things about being able to speak and understand English is that it gives you access to a huge amount of varied reading materials in all kinds of different forms and on all kinds of topics.

For today's activity we are going to explore a website called Issuu which publishes magazines online.

One of the most enjoyable acts of reading is browsing through magazines. So in this activity you are going to be able to browse through some magazines and just enjoy reading about topics that you like.

To browse the magazines, simply click on the cover. The magazine will open like the one below and then you can click on the pages to zoom in so that you can read the text.

Or you can open them full screen on your monitor and just use the arrows on the left and right of your screen to turn the pages.
  • Go to the Publications section of the website at:
  • You can browse the different categories for something that interests you. Then just read and enjoy. If you prefer you can try one of these magazines. Just click on the cover of one you like and they will open full screen on your monitor. Press escape 'esc' on your keyboard once you have finished reading.
This is a good one for those interested in fashion

This one is more of a youth culture type of magazine.

For the more seriously minded and those interested in business and computing

Or for those into keeping fit.

If you really enjoy reading these magazines, you can register for free on the site and create your own magazine library or upload your own publications.

I hope you enjoy this activity and come back for more EFL ESL activities soon. To do more reading activities just click this link: Reading activities

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