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Improving your knowledge of words and enlarging your vocabulary is a very important part of language learning. It's also very important to understand how words are used and what 'real' people think they mean. Words can have a very personal meaning for many people.

In today's daily activity you will find out how to learn more about new words each day and also enjoy watching and listening to videos of people telling your what the word's personal meaning is to them.

  • Go to: http://www.wordia.com/ here you will see the words that have been added each day this month. Just put your mouse over a day to see what the word is for that day. Click on the day and you will see a video with a person talking about the word.

  • To get a new video sent to you everyday, just add your email address to the subscription field and each day you will be sent a link to the newest word.
  • You can also use the site to search for words. This is a good way to extend your knowledge of words you already know and compare your understanding of the word to that of the person in the video.

  • Along side each word you also get a dictionary definition and some suggestions for related words that you can explore.
If you like this site and you have a favourite English word you can also register for free, and add your own definitions and videos about English words that you like. You will need to have a YouTube account though. Just click 'Sign Up' on the left of the screen.

I hope you enjoy using this tool to extend your knowledge of words and improve your listening. Here are some more daily vocabulary building activities.

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