50 Word Stories

Writing creative stories is a great way to practice your English and get the chance to use a wide range of vocabulary and different sentence forms. Creative writing can take a long time though.

In today's activity we look an idea from the DailyLit website. The challenge is to write a story in 50 words. No more no less. The story should still have a beginning a middle and an end.


  • If you are finding it difficult to start, you can find some great opening lines here to get your story started, just pick one. Story Starters
  • Try to write your own 50 word story. When you have finished you can post it to the DailyLit site. Just got to: http://dailylit.com/register and register for free. You just need to create your own username ans password.

I hope you enjoy writing your 50 word stories and post them to the site. Here can you can find 20+ more activities to improve your writing

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