Create Your Own English Comic Strip

The phrases and expressions used in written English are often different from those that would be used in spoken English, so remembering spoken English phrases is very important.

Today we will look at a fun way you can use spoken phrases to create comic strips using the Make Belief Comix website. You can use these either to remind your self of any new phrases you are learning, or just to enjoy creating your own comic strip.

  • Go to: and click on 'Enter Here' below the comic strip.
  • You will then be able to see the comic creator. Think of some spoken phrases that you have learned recently. Think about how they would be used in conversation and how the people you are talking to might respond.
  • Now create a comic strip using the phrases and making them part of the dialogue. It's simple to make a comic strip. You just click on the first character you want to use, then scroll through different emotions that you would like them to have.

  • Once you have the one you want, just click on the person and they will appear in the comic strip. You can drag the person to the position you want them. Add other characters and text balloons for your dialogue.

  • When you have finished you can print up or email the comic strip to yourself and keep it as a reminder.
  • If you enjoy this activity, there are also some story ideas that you could try. Try the first one 'Tell your life story'. This is a nice way to tell people about yourself.

I hope you enjoy this activity. Here a some more activities that use cartoons.

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Nik Peachey

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Anonymous said...

Hello Nik,
I like to use comics for having students review books and give summaries. I ask them to keep some key words in mind when they create them so that when they share them in pairs, they use the new vocabulary in context as they explain what they did to their partners.

An example is at
Thanks for the new links, Ellen in Mexico

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