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One of the great things about English and the Internet is that they both allow you to connect with and share your interests and ideas with people from all around the world. Whatever your interest is, there is sure to be an online community that allows you to share your interests in English. That is never more true than in the case of football (or soccer if you prefer) .

So, today's task is based around joining an online community to share your interests and communicate with others in English. This can help you develop your vocabulary, help your reading and writing skills and may even help you to make some new friends.


  • Go to: http://www.footbo.com Make sure that you have selected to view the site in English by using the small icon at the top left of the screen.
  • Now complete the free sign up form. You just need to create a password and add an email address. You must be 13 years old or over though to access the site. Once you have completed the registration you'll get an email with a link . Click your link to activate your account.

  • You can then start adding information to your profile. This includes links to your favourite sites as well as information about yourself. You can skip this if you prefer.

  • You can also add favourite teams and favourite players to your profile as well as selecting players to be part of your dream team.
  • To start interacting with other members of the site you should go to the 'Forums'. here you can start adding questions and answering questions.

  • You can also play a game and try to predict the results of future matches by clicking on 'Predictions'

  • Or if you prefer you can click on Teams or Players and get information, images and watch video clips.

This is a great way to enjoy using and improving your English and sharing your interest in football.

I hope you enjoy it. Here you can find game related activities.

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Nik Peachey

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Damian said...

Hi Nik

good post, was wondering if you knew of this site about learning English through football? http://languagecaster.com/


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