Develop Your Marketing Vocabulary

For people who want to use English within their profession, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to develop your English within specific work related topics. So in today's activity we are going to look at how you can do that.

Today we will be looking at how you can develop you listening and vocabulary knowledge of marketing and particularly online marketing. We will be using a listening and script from the Double Click website as well as some web based tools to help you learn, record and remember new words.

  • Go to: Here you will see an image of Carl Hendra. If you click on one of the topic areas on the left hand side menu you will hear her talking about those marketing topics.
  • As you listen you will see keywords on the right of the screen. Listen and try to understand what you can.
  • Once you have listened once download the tapescript and listen again. This time you can follow with the script as you listen.

  • To download the script you will need to click on 'Download Transcript' and then 'Carla Hendra'

  • Once you have done this, copy the first section of the script and go to the VocabGrabber website.
  • Paste the text from the script into the field and click on 'Grab Vocabulary'.

  • This will produce a 'word cloud' of the words in the text.
  • Now you can click on each of the words to get a definition of the word and some information about related words. You can also see examples of the words in use. If you want to be sure to remember these words you could use Wordie to create a word list. There are some instructions on how to do this in the List Your Favourite Words activity.
  • Lastly, listen through to Carla Hendra talking again without the script and see how much you remember. Write a summary of the main parts of the talk using FutureMe and send it to yourself so that you receive it in two weeks time along with the link to the DoubleClick website.

  • Then you can check your notes and listen again. This will help you to see how much you remember and refresh your memory of the vocabulary.
Hope you enjoy listening and learning more about marketing. Here you can find more Business English activities.

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Martin Sketchley said...

Really interesting post and I will be using the Vocab Grab tool for future lessons.

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