Take and Make a Quiz

Quizzes can be fun ways of finding out about yourself and other people and learning new vocabulary and questions.

In today's activity we are going to look at a range of quizzes from FunQuizCards and then you can try to create your own.

  • Now think about your own quiz. Here are some topics you could make a quiz about:

    - Your country
    - Questions about special places or significant events
    - Your favourite singer / movie star / artist
    - Questions about their achievements or personal information
    - English grammar
    - Questions about verb tenses
    - Food that you like
    - Questions about ingredients
    - New words your have learned
    - Questions about word definitions
    - A special topic that you enjoy
    - Questions about specific information about that topic
    - You and our friends
    - Questions about your likes and dislikes - You could share these with each other and find out how much you know about each other.
  • You can use Wikipedia to find detailed information and check your facts.
  • Think of about 5 - 10 questions. Now go to: http://www.funquizcards.com/qc/step1.php
  • Enter a name and an email address, then give your quiz a name and choose the number of questions your quiz will have. Then click 'Continue'.

  • Now enter your question and three possible answers. Click the button to show which is correct.

  • Then click on 'Continue' This will show you all the questions and answers you have added. If you are happy with them click continue again. Now you will see a link to your quiz. Click the link and try the quiz to make sure it is correct.

  • Now you can either share the link with friends by email or post it to your blog or MySpace or any network that you would like to share the quiz with.
I hope you have enjoyed this activity and found out more. Here you can find more Quiz Activities.

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