Finding Out About People

The Internet is a great way to find out more about people from other countries, their lives and their culture. Understanding these things can make it much easier to understand the language and the things that people talk about.

Today's activity is based around materials from the New York Times and you are going to listen to ordinary people from New York talking about their lives and the kinds of things they do.

This will also help you develop your listening skills and your ability to understand a range of different accents.

  • Think about the things that you do each day and make some quick notes about your daily habits and routine.
  • Now go to: The Type A Teenager

  • Here you will hear a teenager from New York talking about her daily habits. Listen and compare them to your own.
  • The text is about 2 mins long and you can also watch the images of the girl. Think about how you would tell her about the differences between your life and her life. You can pause the audio if you want to make notes.

  • Write a message about the differences in your life. If you want to you can post the message on the website and read other people's comments at: One in 8 Million - Omika Jikaria
  • If you want to post your comments you will need to register on the site.
  • There are many more people on this part of the websites talking about their lives, so if you enjoy this activity have a look and a listen to the lives of some of the other New York people.
I hope you enjoy finding out more about people in New York. Check out more Daily English Listening Activities

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