Learn Your Text Speak Acronyms

Over the years text messaging has developed its own system of spelling using acronyms, which can save time and make writing messages shorter.

Sms and different forms of text messaging have become more common in everyday English communication, so it is very important that you learn some of these acronyms and understand English text messages.

Today's task is a test of you texting vocabulary and it comes from the Sporcle website. Once you try the test you can see the answers, but first you might like to look back at this activity which shows you a poster written using English texting language

  • You will then be able to type in your answers. If they are correct they will appear in the grid next to the acronym. If they are wrong you will have to delete them and try again.

  • You have 6 minutes to do the test. At the end of six minutes you will see the answers. If you find it too difficult, click on 'Give up and you will see the answers. You can then try again or come back and try it another day.

  • Be sure to make a note of any of the acronyms you didn't know. You could also try making sentences using these acronyms. Remember these are used when you are text messaging with someone. They aren't used in formal essays or letters to people.

Hope you enjoyed this activity and you find these common expressions useful.

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