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Learning English can be very useful, but having a certificate telling potential employers what level you are can really help to open more opportunities for you.

If you aren't sure which exam to take or what you level is, today's activity could help you a little. It uses two websites, one produced by Cambridge ESOL to test your level and the other Exam English to help you practice for a test.


  • You will the see a series of multiple choice questions. For each questions you can select only one possible answer.

  • Once you have worked through the test, you will get a suggestion for the appropriate level of test that you should take.
  • Once you have your recommendation go to: http://examenglish.com/ Here you will see a range of practice tests. Try the type of test that is for your level.

If you do well at the practice test you might consider taking the real test and getting a certificate.

I hope you enjoy this simple test. Here you can find more tests of your English

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Ally said...

This is so useful, thank you! I will use it with my students...

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