Images for Vocabulary Revision

Vocabulary is the key to expressing yourself well in any language and the key to learning and improving your vocabulary is constant revision. Luckily there are lots of sites which can help to make this easier and more fun.

Today's activity is based around the PhotoMunchrs website that combines words and images into a simple game.


  • To play the game you simply use your arrow keys to go to images that are connected with the word. Each time you find an image press the space bar.
  • If you are correct the image will disappear and you will score a point. If you are wrong you will loose one of your 3 lives.

  • You will have to find 7 example images to move to the next level and a new word.
Good luck. I hope you enjoy this game. You can find more activities to improve your vocabulary here.

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Nik Peachey

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Anonymous said...

I like this game, because it encourages learners to use dictionaries. Some learners hate using them, but when they play this game they dont think twice: they open their dictionaries, check the word that they are looking for and get on with their game.
It is a great game to play when I have some spare time at the end of my lesson.

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