Learn to Put Your Make Up on in English

YouTube offers you so many opportunities to learn English and also to learn how to do new things, learn how to do things better or teach others how to do things.

In today's activity we'll look at some 'home' produced YouTube channels and learn a bit more about how to use make up and other cosmetics and develop your vocabulary in this area. We'll also look at how you can enter into a dialogue with the people who create the videos.

  • You are going to watch 3 short videos showing you how to apply make up. The first video is by Andrea and has no words, just text and images. Pause the video to make notes of any new words you see in the text.

  • Now look at the new words you noted down and check to find a definition for them on this site: Make Up USA Vocabulary.
  • Just click on the word to the left of the screen and you will find images of the kinds of products in the video.

  • Now that you have a bit more vocabulary, you can watch this second video and listen as Michelle Phan describes how she puts on her make up.

  • The vocabulary in these videos and the range of accents can be very challenging, but if you watch and listen to a number of different ones you will find they become easier to understand, and if you do have a problem with understanding some of the things that they are saying or doing, remember that you can leave a comment or ask a question by going to the video on YouTube.
  • Here's one more video for you to watch. In this one Elle describes the make up used in the 'Blockbuster' movie 'Twilight'.

One of the great things about people who produce these kinds of videos is that they welcome communication with the people who watch their videos, so you can either go to their channel on YouTube and send them a comment or question or you can follow them on Twitter and see what they have to say and ask them questions.
I hope you enjoy watching these videos, learn a little more vocabulary and have some practice at understanding different US accents.

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