Study a Classic of Literature

Many great works of literature have been translated into other languages, but there is nothing quite as good as reading a book in the original language. In today's activity you are going to study a classic of English literature; 'The Old Man and The Sea' by Ernest Hemingway.

You are going to use a number of different tools to make this easier and more enjoyable.

  • First go to Wikipedia and find a summary of the plot. You can do this with most books, just by searching for the name in Wikipedia. Click on the link to see The Old Man and the Sea Plot.
  • Read through the plot, then watch this animated video of the story. It takes about 20 mins, so make sure you have time before you start.

  • Now that you know the plot and have seen the video you should be able to tackle the book.
  • You can read the complete book online at Google books The old man and the sea
  • The book is quite long to read, but you should now have a good grasp of the story. If you want to study the story in more depth you can find notes and analysis of the story at: SparkNotes - The old man and the sea
This is a good way you can try to read and understand more classics of English literature.
I hope you enjoy this classic story and find many more to read.
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