Memorize a Song

Learning and enjoying songs can be a great way to improve your listening, vocabulary and pronunciation. In this activity we are going to use two websites to help you find, listen to and memorize the words of a song.
First you'll use YouLyrics to find the words and a video of the song, then you will use MemorizeNow to help you learn and remember the words.

  • First go to the YouLyrics site at: You will see featured and the most recently listed songs and videos.

  • You can either select one of these or search for a song you like, by typing in the name of the song and artist at the top of the page.
  • Once you have found the song you want to learn, watch the video and read the lyrics. If you click on the link to one of the videos it will open and play beside the lyrics.
  • Once you have watched the video, copy the lyrics and go to:
  • Paste the lyrics into the text field, add a title then click on the 'add' button. The title will appear in the 'items to memorize' list.

  • You can then click on the title and start to memorize the words. If you click on the arrows above the text, words will start to disappear from the text.
  • Try to remember the missing words as you read through the text. If you can't remember them you can click the back arrow and the missing words will appear again.

  • You can gradually remove more and more of the words until they all disappear. If you have problems remembering the words listen to the video clip again and this will help you. You can also try to remember the words with just the first letter as a prompt. Just click on 'Letters'.
  • You can also start to remove the letters by clicking on the arrows. If you want to see the complete text again you can either click on the 'memorize' button again of 'display all' and this will show you the complete text.
You can also save the activity to your computer desktop so that you can revise and review the words at a later time. Just click on 'save' and follow the instructions. Listening to songs and trying to learn and memorize the lyrics is an enjoyable way to improve your listening and vocabulary skills and if you sing along it can also improve your pronunciation. I hope you enjoy this activity.

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Nik Peachey


Chris Fry Barcelona said...

I liked the idea immediately and tried it with a short dialogue, but the layout of having each speaker beginning on a new line was lost (just like with the songs).
So, I tried a short text, but wasn't really excited about it.
Last night I was trying to quote something someone had said about how hard women have to work compared to men, but I couldn't remember it perfectly. Then I thought that Memorize It would be great for learning things like that.
Here is a post with 12 quotations taken from New English File Pre-Intermediate Workbook. See what you think.

Anonymous said...

YouLyrics is now on its own home at

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing me to the activity. I like it very much -it takes me back to the spirit of Magic Time (Puchta et al). I've got to wait till March to try it out, though, as we're in summer...

Anne Hodgson said...

Memorize now is great! Thank you very much for this great tip.

Unknown said...

Hi Nik, I'm Anna from EOI Terrassa. You've been mentioned on my blog as one of the blogs which is worth visiting.
This is part of an initiative called "Vale a pena ficar de olho nesse blog".
Congratulations and thanks for your blog.
Mine is ""

Reeka said...

I checked your blog and really liked it.
Especially the 5 card stories, I've been looking for a similar site for a long time. thanks!
I’m just about to start an English teaching blog, if you have some time you could take a look at it and tell me you opinion.
Thank you: Reka

ALICIA REY said...

I tried the activity Nik and the outcomes were fantastic.
Incredible to hear students' pron after the practice.
This is how I did it, after your hints on MemoryzeNow :

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