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Show and Tell has been a very popular activity in the English language classroom for quite some time. It is often based around bringing in to class an object or photograph of something that is important to you and asking and answering questions about it.
Now you can 'show and tell' with the world and share images from your life and ask and answer questions using a website called Shuttercal. It's very simple, you just upload a picture each day and write a few sentences about it. This is a great way to practice reading and writing and communicate with real people.


  • Once you have done this you can log in and start to look at other people's photographs and leave comments on the ones you like. You can do this just by going to the 'Explore' menu and looking for new photographs.
  • Click on an image that you find interesting, click on 'Comments' on the bottom right corner.
  • You should now be able to see a text field and add a comment or question. Once you have added a question click on submit and the owner of the image will get a message with your question.

  • Be patient it could take some time before you get a reply. Try to comment or ask questions about ten images.
  • You should also upload some of your own images. To do this, go to your own calender, by clicking on your name. then click on the square for today. You should then be able to browse your computer for an image and upload it. Youc an also add some comments and information about the image.

Keep adding images everyday and commenting on other people's images. This way you will build up a network of contacts to interact and communicate with.

I hope you like this activity and by all means look at my calender and leave comments or questions at:
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