Train yourself to hear song lyrics

Listening to songs is a great way to learn a language. It's easy to listen to a song many times, especially if it's one that you enjoy and this can really help with your listening and pronunciation.
This activity is based around the Lyrics Training website. The site helps you to listen to and understand songs.


Go to: here you can search for a song that you like or select on from the home page. Once you click on a song it will start to play, you can then select your level.
  • You then see some of the words of the song with some gaps. The song will stop so that you can write in the missing words.
  • You can also select your own language so that you can see a translation of the lyrics in your own language.
  • Click on 'Help' to see all the instructions.

I hope you find this useful. Here you can find more song based EFL / ESL activities.

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