Play Word Games to Improve Your Vocabulary

Having a wide vocabulary is really important to push the level of your English. This activity shows you how to push the level of your vocabulary and revise some of the words you already know while playing a simple online game similar to Scrabble.

In this task you'll also learn how to use an online tool to help you find new words to use your letters.


Go to: You don't need to register, just click on 'Start Playing'

You will see your row of letters at the bottom of the screen. Choose any letter on the board that you can join your letters onto and make a complete word.
Drag the letters onto the board the click on 'Add Word'. If the word is correct it will be added to the board and you will get a score and some new letters.

The next word you make must join onto the previous one and you can only build on the words you have added. Each word you add increases your score.

If you can't think of a word, go to Scabble helper at: Type in your letters and in either the 'Prefix' or 'Suffix' box type in the letter that you want to join onto from the board and click on 'View words'.

You will then see a list of possible words that you can make with your letters. Add the one you want, but be sure to check the meaning of the new word if you don't already know it.

Continue with the game until you have at least 100 points. Keep a list of any new words and their meanings as you play.

Try to play the game every day and build up your score and your vocabulary.
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Nik Peachey

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Grant Goodale said...

Thanks for the article Nik! It's probably worth mentioning that your users can click on any word on the board to see the definition of the word (as well as how many times it's been played). Hopefully of use to those learning English!

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