Practice Your Spelling

As with most languages, spelling is pretty important in English. It's also something that gives many native speakers problems too, so don't be too worried if you find English spelling difficult and confusing. In this activity you'll be able to practice spelling and your vocabulary in an enjoyable way.

The activity is a fast paced game. You have a row of letters and have to use them to create and type words as quickly as you can.


Go to: The game starts as soon as you arrive. You will see some letters and a space below to type.

If you can't make words from the letters you see, just wait and more will appear on the right.

As the row fills, the letters on the left will disappear and be lost.
You must try to use as many of the letters as possible before they are lost and make as many words as you can.

You will lose any letters that are used in words spelled incorrectly.

Try to score as many points as you can. You will have 75 letters in total.

I hope you enjoy this game and play it regularly to help activate your vocabulary and practice your spelling.


Nik Peachey - Pedagogical Director - PeacheyPublications Ltd

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