Create a Video Vocabulary Record

Remembering new vocabulary can be a challenge so to make it easier you can record a 12 second video for each new word you learn. You can do this quite easily using a webcam and a free website called 12 Seconds TV.

Creating the video is easy. You just register on the site, log in and then click to allow the site access to your webcam and microphone. Then you can record and publish a simple 12 second video clip. Look at the image below to see how to do this.
Each 12 second video clip you create is published to your own TV channel so you can watch them all when ever you want, or share them with your friends.

This is waht a channel looks like. You can subscribe to the channels of other users and follow what they are doing.

  • Go to register and log in
  • Write your new word on a sheet of white paper using a thick pen.
  • Think of an example sentence to accompany the word.
  • Sit in front of your camera hold up the paper and presss record.
  • Say the new word and then the example sentence. You could also say the same word in your own first language too.
  • Post the word to you 12 Second TV channel.
Here's an example.

Headache on

If you've enjoyed this activity the why not record some more of your vocabulary words.

Please also post a link to your channel in the comments and then we can share all of our new words together.

Hope to see you back tomorrow for more Daily English Activities to help develop your English.

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