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Developing your ability to hear and understand a range of English accents is a key skill in developing your ability to communicate.

Audio Puzzler
is a great website to help you listen to and understand English. It has a range of texts and you listen to parts of each text, write what you hear and then arrange the parts of the text in the correct order.


  • Start the game and then pick a text 'Fight Club - 8 Rules' is a good one to start on as it isn't too long.

  • Click the bubbles and type in the text as you hear it. Then arrange the text in the correct order.

  • You have to play against time and you get a score. Try to complete the text at least 3 times and improve your score.
I hope that you enjoy this activity and it helps with your listening.

Do leave a comment to say what you thought of this activity. More activities tomorrow.

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