Pronouncing New Words

Reading a is a great way to develop your vocabulary, but it can be hard when you see a new word that you want to use to guess how it is pronounced.

Luckily there are websites like Forvo to help you.

Forvo collects the pronunciation of words from a wide range of different languages, so that you can listen and learn how the words are pronounced. If you register, you can even download the pronunciation of the words as Mp3 files.

  • You will see a list of 30 words. Choose 10 and listen to them and try to pronounce them.
  • If you would prefer to learn words about a specific topic, click on 'Categories' and then choose from the list at the side.

Well I hope you have learned some new words. Perhaps you could also help out on the site by providing some words from your own language.

More EFL ESL activities next week.

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