Vocabulary Sequences

Remembering new vocabulary is always very challenging, so the more graphic you can make it, the easier the new words will be to remember. Today's activity looks at a way of using images from Flickr to help you create your own visual vocabulary records which you can either print or add to a blog.

To do this, you are going to use a tool called Bubblr. To help you use this tool I've created a short video that shows you how it works. Once you have watched the video you can go on and do the task.

Here's an example that I made which demonstrates Negative Emotions

Which of these words do you think each image represents?
  • anger
  • boredom
  • confusion
  • contempt
  • despair
  • fear
  • frustration
  • rage
  • sadness
You can see the answers at the very end of this posting.


  • Find ten new words that you have learned recently (or you could use the opposites of the words that I have used above. Here's a link to a thesaurus if you want to find some opposites of the negative emotions: http://words.bighugelabs.com/)
  • Go to: http://www.pimpampum.net/bubblr/ type in your words and search for images which you feel represents that word.
  • Add a text label to each image.
  • When you have finished cick on publish. You can either print your images and use them to help you remember, or you could embed the sequence in your blog if you have one.
  • Or you could post the link to your vocabulary sequence in the comments below and share it with other visitors to this site.
Bubblr is a really useful tool to help you learn and remember new vocabulary. You could also try to use it a dictionary to help you learn new words.

I hope you find it useful. Come back for more EFL ESL activities tomorrow.

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Nik Peachey




Anonymous said...

Hello Nik
Every day I find here loads of great ideas how to use the internet with my EFL students. I think that Bubblr is a fantastic tool. However, I've got one question. Can I choose any pictures I find and use them in my vocabulary strip? A few days ago I made a vocabulary sequence and now I'm not sure if I can embed it in my blog. I mean, some of the photos are copyrighted. It also applies to other stuff created with Bookr, Flickerin or Phraser.
Help me, please :)
Best regards

Nik Peachey said...

Hi Ania

Firstly, thanks for the very kind words. They are really appreciated.

This is a tricky question to answer. The simple answer is yes you can, but whether you are violatingthe copyright of te creator is another issue.

In some sense the original work stays with the creator and isn't being moved or stored on your server or computer. It is just being displayed on your blog, which I'm guessing is not for profit.

As such it's very unlikely that the owner would object and might well welcome the exposure.

It becomes another matter if you are taking this image and storing it on your own computer, reproducing it for financial gain etc. Then the creator would be entitled to a share of your profits.

Having said this, whenever you use someone else's work it's always good to let them know and get their permission. (You can trace each image back to the creator by clicking through to their flickr account) I can see that this isn't very practicle in this case many of these tools, because the images can change day to day.

On the whole, my advice would be to put your vocabulary sequence on your site and then if anyone complains that you are using their work, either remove it or ask them very nicely for permission.

It's extremely unlikely that any real action would be taken against you unless you refused to take the image down.

Sorry to be a bit vague, but that's about the nest i can do.



Anonymous said...

I'm very grateful for your explanations.

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