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Today's activity is a business listening one. For this activity we are going to use a website called Openforum which has lots of information about business and also lots of short video clips from very successful business people.

This site has a lot of other information on if you are interested in business and even has business discussion forums that you can read or if you become a member you can join in the discussion.

  • You are going to watch two video interviews with Richard Branson the owner of 'Virgin'. In the first he will talk about 'Brand' .
  • Before you listen try to remember what you know about 'Virgin' and what kind of products and services they have produced.
  • Listen to the first interview and see which of those products are mentioned and what information he gives about his ideas of the importance of 'Brand'.
  • Click here to watch the video: Branson on Business: Protecting your brand

  • Now watch this second video. Richard Branson defends some of his more unusual business decisions. Listen and make notes about:
    - What other Brands are mentioned?
    - What decisions does he defend?
    - What arguments does he use to defend the decisions?

Well I hope you enjoyed this task and learned a little about business and English from it. If you did enjoy it then try to spend some more time each day watching some more of the videos. Watching one each day will help to boost your listening skills and improve your business vocabulary.

Come back tomorrow for more EFL ESL activities.

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