Your Learning 'To Do' List

When you are learning a language it's a good idea to set yourself tasks and things to do to improve, but it easy to forget about them. Today's activity is a way of trying to be disciplined and to set yourself regular learning goals.

The activity uses an online 'To Do' list, which should help you to remember what your tasks are.

You simply write your tasks on a list, then save the link to the list or email it to yourself then and comeback and edit the list as you achieve your goals.

  • Then click on the list of things you want to do and add our tasks. Also add the URL of the webpage to help you find the task.
  • Once you have added the tasks, click on 'send this list's URL' and email the link to yourself.
  • You can then open the list from your email and edit it each time you do a task. Just click at the end of the line once the task is done.
  • Remember, each time you complete a task to add a new one. Try to do two or three tasks each day. The more you do, the quicker your English will improve.
Another way you can use this tool, is to make notes of new words you learn each time you study, then email the list to yourself and check through your list in a couple of days to see if you can remember them.

Hope you enjoy this and come back tomorrow to do more EFL ESL activities.

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Nik Peachey


Anonymous said...

Hello Nik,

I am the author of doitdoitdone and it was great to find this really well written tutorial which features our to-do list service! Thanks!

As a student of Japanese, I am also always on the lookout for new and creative ways to break the monotony of traditional learning - and hopefully improve my retention.

One thought I had while reading this, was that it could be useful to create a new list for each "chapter" to organize your learning process. We allow and even encourage creating multiple lists per person - so feel free to make as many as you find helpful!

These are great ideas indeed! If you or your readers can think of any improvements we could make to doitdoitdone that would further enhance this process, do please let us know.

-Glenn from the doitdoitdone! team

Nik Peachey said...

Hi Glenn

Thanks for leaving a comment and I am glad that you approve of the use of the tool you have created. I like the simplicity of the tool, so I'd be hard pressed to suggest improvements. The only suggestion I might make is for a desktop widget and to be able to add hyperlinks from witin the list.

Thanks for a great free tool and good luck with the Japanese.


Nik Peachey

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