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Today's activity is to help you build up your vocabulary and pronunciation of new words. The activity uses the Learning with Pictures and Audio website and that is what you will do.

The site has a collection of 34 word lists and each of these has 16 words. You can find a complete index here: Word Lists

Each word has a picture that shows you what the word means and then you can click through to get an audio to hear how the word is pronounced.


  • You can use this site in two ways. You can work through one list each day, listening and pronouncing the words or you could use it as a dictionary resource when you find words that you don't know.
  • My advice is to try to look at one list each day and then go to the list again the next day and see if you can remember how the words are pronounced. Say the words to yourself and then listen to the words to see if your pronunciation is the same.
  • Start by going to the list of A words: http://www.my-english-dictionary.com/list1.htm
  • Listen to the A words and hear how the A at the beginning of each word is pronounced differently. Try to note down the words that have a similar pronunciation of A.

  • Example: Abacus, Apples and Avocados all have the same A sound at the beginning, but in 'Air conditioner' the A is pronounced differently.
  • Try to do the same thing for all the other words. Look for similarities and differences in the pronunciation. This will help you to remember the words and pronounce them well.

Hope you enjoy this activity and come back tomorrow for more EFL ESL activities.

This task was sponsored by the Maltalingua English language school

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That's one of Jacobs sites. His language websites are great.

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