Where in America?

Today's activity focuses on challenging your reading skills and finding out a bit more about the USA. It uses a blog that is written by Ted Landphair, a journalist for Voice of America.

Ted writes about aspects of North American culture, so his blog is a 'good read' if you want to find out more about the USA. At the end of each posting he also writes a 'wild words' section which gives explanations of some of the more unusual words from his text, so be sure to check these and make vocabulary record of them.

  • In this activity you will read one of his articles called Real America.
  • Go to the article at: Real America It describes a number of places in the USA.
  • Before you start to read, scroll down the page and take a few moments to look at the images on the page. Read the caption for each image.

  • Next, scan the text quickly ( don't read every word) and try to find all the place names that each of the sections describes. Make a note of each one.
  • Once you have done this read the article again in more detail and make notes of any information you can find about each of these places.
  • Once you have done this, read the article in more detail and try to decide which of the places mentioned in the article you would most like to visit.
  • Once you have decided you could leave a comment here to say which one you would like to visit and why.
  • Also be sure to read abut the 'wild words' he included and try to find them in the text. You could even create a vocabulary record of this text using yesterdays activity Remember More Vocabulary
I hope you enjoyed this reading activity and learned a little more about the USA. If you would like to find out more, you can read some more of Ted's articles. You could find out more about Texas or West Virginia

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