Improve your Brain Power

Exercising your brain regularly can help to keep it agile and improve you memory and your ability to learn language.

Today's activity is designed to help you improve your visual memory.
The exercises is based on memorising groups of images and then trying to decide which image has been added. The activity comes from the Games for the Brain website.

  • Look at the images in the grid below and try to memorise them. Once you think you can remember them all, click on 'Continue'. You will see the images again, but one will be replaced with a new image. Click on the image you think has been added.

  • As you play, you will see your IQ score. Play until your score IQ score is 100.
  • Then try to write a list of all the images that you saw in the game.
  • If you play the game here: Mastermind, you will also get tips on how to improve your brain.

Hope you enjoy this and come back for more EFL ESL activities tomorrow.

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